Agenda 2030 - that is where we stand today

In September, three years have passed since Agenda 2030 was adopted unanimously by UN member states. We are no longer in the starting blocks, but how far have we come? What's going on in the future? And how does Sweden contribute on a global level?

In recent years, FUF has closely followed Sweden's work to implement Agenda 2030, nationally and internationally. In a series of conversations, officials within the Government Offices, authorities and the Agenda 2030 delegation have been asked about who should actually do what, when and how.

Together with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, we now invite you to a unique opportunity to listen and ask questions to Ulrika Modéer, State Secretary for International Development Cooperation, who has been an important player in the work on the agenda since the start.

Moderators are Lennart Wohlgemuth, FUF, and Sofia Svarfvar, Concord Sweden.

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