About FUF

The Swedish Development Forum (FUF) is a non-partisan and religiously independent non-profit organization. Our purpose is to inform, raise awareness and generate debate about global development issues and Sweden’s role in the world. We want to contribute to knowledge, debate and engagement for a just and sustainable world.

FUF believes that civil society has a central role in working for global sustainable development. Freedom of speech and access to information is a vital part of a democracy. Therefore, FUF works to engage the Swedish public in global development issues, enabling people to work for a just world – both in their everyday lives as well as by demanding that their elected representatives take action.

At FUF, we work with capacity-building activities for our active members; build and spread knowledge on global development via seminars and events; and write and publish articles on contemporary development issues.

Read more about FUF and our history here (only available in Swedish)


Our vision is that the Swedish public has a good knowledge about global development issues. With increased knowledge, more people will act for a just and sustainable world, both on a personal level as well as by making demands on authorities. Sweden’s role internationally is acknowledged and debated in media, politics, culture and education. The public debate is evidence-based and gives room to a multitude of perspectives and voices. Swedish private and public sector actors take responsibility for social, environmental and economic sustainability in their decision making. Actors from different sectors cooperate and face our global challenges from a holistic perspective.


In order to contribute to the vision, FUF shall:

  • Be a non-partisan and religiously independent platform that contributes to a fact-based public debate about Sweden’s role in global development. In the public debate, we give room to a multitude of perspectives and voices.
  • spread knowledge about forgotten global challenges and highlight contemporary issues from new perspectives.
  • contribute to more comprehensible and easily accessed information about global development
  • Engage more people, and in particular young people, in volunteering for sustainable global development
  • create forums for exchange of experiences and collaboration across sectoral, social and generational borders
  • support people who wants to work for just and sustainable global development, by giving them practical experiences and a deepened understanding of the issues at hand
  • contribute to an evidence-based Swedish and European development cooperation policy

Other useful links and activities

Looking for a publication? Our platform has an archive of publications, documents and reports on global development written from a Swedish point of view from the 1970’s an onwards in our Utvecklingsarkivet (Development Archive).

Know a winner? Every year, FUF recognizes outstanding achievements in international development cooperation via FUF-Priset (FUF Awards).